The research group for Functional Self-organized Nanosystems (FSON) in Herbert Gleiter Institute of Nanoscience (HGI), Nanjing University of Science and Tehcnology (NUST), aims to develop new nanostructured systems by the interdiscipline of physics, chemistry, materials, and surface science. Through the linkage on the research keywords of Structure-Dynamics-Functions, the group focuses on constructing dynamical smart self-organized organic, inorganic or hybrid systems for applications including catalysis, control delivery and sensors, and elucidating the behind relationships between the structure and functions from the atomic or molecular dimensions. Under the leadership of Prof. Harald Fuchs, the group now has 2 professors, 2 junior professors, 1 assistant professors, and 11 graduate students. We welcome new research members to join and ask for more collaborations.

Waiting for you!

Main research themes:

  • Study the Mechanisms of Surface-confined Coordination and Surface-assisted Chemical Reaction.
  • Regulate Surface Reaction Kinetics at Atomic Scale and Study the Mechanism of Surface Catalytic Reaction.
  • Using Self-Assembly and Chemical Methods for Design and Control of Novel Self-Assembled Nanostructures.
  • Explore the new functional of carbon-based self-assembly systems.
  • The study of the CO2 adsorption  behavior  and the self-lubricating design on the ILs interfaces.